Marketing & Sales-India

Plasma Protein Therapy

The prevailing trends illustrate that the need of and the demand for Plasma derived therapies far surpasses the availability.

In September 2014, when India announced its “Make in India” initiative, it was a pure case of serendipity as PlasmaGen was then celebrating its third anniversary of operations towards ushering in an era of self-sufficiency of plasma proteins in the country.

Since then, PlasmaGen has been successful, though marginally, in reducing the wide gap between the supply and demand of plasma proteins with our Sales & Marketing team.

Our Journey

The prime focus of our sales and marketing team has always been to reach out to the needy patient population with plasma derived products and simultaneously work on spreading awareness about plasma protein therapies amongst the medical fraternity, paramedics & patients.

During the initial days of operation, PlasmaGen had an eight member sales and marketing team which has swelled to a robust team of 90+ in 2019. The increase in team size was directly proportional to the exponential growth witnessed by PlasmaGen year after year. The dynamic sales team is ably supported by a 10 member Product Management Team. This team of 100+ collectively worked together to deliver an average evolution index of 125+ year after year during all these years. In the process, we have often beat some of the top market participants and are now touted as the fastest growing Indian organisation in the Plasma Products domain.

The Sales and Marketing team reaches out to the medical fraternity of Speciality and Super Speciality segments such as Neurology, Medical Oncology, Haematology, Intensive Care, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, IVF to name a few.

Pan India Presence

With a Pan India presence across 70+ cities, PlasmaGen’s Sales and Marketing team caters to the plasma protein therapy needs of 700+ hospitals and 7,000+ physicians.

Our Service

We continuously strive to achieve a critical mass and this very endeavour recently led us to achieve one of the many milestones- of supplying plasma protein therapy products to 70,000+ patients. PlasmaGen launched its operations with just a couple of Immunoglobulins such as IVIG and Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin. Over the next few years, PlasmaGen expanded its product offerings further with Albumin and more Hyperimmune such as Anti-D(IM), Anti-D(IV) and Anti-Rabies Immunoglobulin.