International Business

PlasmaGen Biosciences is working to provide safe and consistent supply of Plasma Products in India. To achieve this, we have a specialized and dedicated team for Plasma/Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales related functions.

PlasmaGen is currently operating in countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, El Salvador etc. and plan to enter selected developing economies. We not only aim to offer safe Plasma Products but also keen on establishing collaborative partnerships, which will be beneficial for the stakeholders involved.

Partnerships and collaboration are integral ingredients of any business activity. Therefore, we are in constant search of partners who match our values, work ethics and commitment to patients.

We seek to establish a mutually rewarding and long-term association based on an array of business models viz. exclusive marketing rights, co-marketing, strategic alliances etc. for the following Plasma Products:

This important initiative is supported by a dedicated team for global business development, licensing and post-alliance management.

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Collaborative Partnership