About Us

PlasmaGen BioSciences is an Indian biopharmaceutical organization specializing exclusively in Plasma Protein and Speciality Care Therapy. Headquartered at Bengaluru- India, PlasmaGen has been making every effort to enhance these products' availability for the patients.

We realize a huge gap that exists between the availability of Plasma & Speciality Care products, and immense need of its therapies in India and other developing economies. We, therefore, pursue a vision of ushering in these niche therapy segments in India and gradually in other geographies.

Our endeavour is to provide an extensive range of safe Plasma & Speciality Care products to enrich the quality of life of patients. We have a basket of products catering to the requisites of various specialities in the field of medicine viz. Neurology, Haematology, Oncology, Immunology, Paediatrics, Rheumatology, Gynaecology, Critical Care, Organ Transplant, Dermatology etc.

PlasmaGen BioSciences, having a niche and expertise in the cosmos of Plasma product therapies; also works closely with the government bodies on various commitments for addressing the issues like affordability, accessibility and hemovigilance. This commitment of ours will be extended and leveraged for growth of Plasma Protein Therapy among SAARC nations and other developing economies as well.